Cover photo by: Vance Strickland

Instructional DVD: Tribal Fusion Choreography with Lily

Lily teaches a tribal fusion belly dance choreography to the music "Heretic" by Solace. Each movement is presented and practiced. Then small groups of movements are reviewed together to build the choreography. With musical structure as a guide, Lily constructs the dance using basic belly dance, American Tribal Style, and general dance movement. Finally, make this dance your own by using the concepts in the Personalization section. This DVD includes a gentle yoga warm-up and a special performance by Lily from the Austin Belly Dance Convention.

Comments by Lily:
This DVD is catered to dancers who have taken at least 6 months of belly dance classes and who wants guidance in making a dance. The technique section contains only a brief explanation and assumes you have mastered basic belly dance movements. Intermediate dancers can skip right to the choreography section if time is limited.

Although this is a choreography DVD, think of it more as an outline of music and movements. Why limit yourself to just the choreography? My favorite part is the Personalization chapter where we get some ideas on making the choreography our own. So, this DVD is not about the actual movements, right foot or left foot, interior hip circle or exterior hip circle... This DVD is about your potential as a dancer to create a dance of your own.

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