In addition to weekly classes, Lily is available to teach bellydance workshops locally, within the US, and abroad. Lily has taught workshops in Texas, London, Paris, Tokyo, Taipei, and New Zealand. See the list of workshop topics below.

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Tribal Fusion Drum Solo Choreography to "Kacho Uno P"
Contrasting big showy movements with small technical isolations, this drum solo choreography mixes core ATS movements with tribal fusion style locks.

Tribal Fusion Choreography to Heretic
Workshop begins with introduction of key movements borrowed from ATS and fusion combinations which are drilled and then pieced together into the choreography. Choreography dynamics, floor patterns, and transitions are explained as the dance comes together.

Tribal Fusion Choreography to Azure
A beautiful dance using movements from ATS, pop and lock, and bellydance, of course. This piece is influenced by Jill Parker.

Tribal Fusion Choreography to Feeling Good
A powerful dance using movements from modern dance and bellydance. Learn to express and expand your dance, push the boundaries of bellydance, and remain a technical bellydancer. This is where bellydance meets contemporary dance. This is where bellydance becomes art.

Tribal Fusion Choreography to The Allure
A dynamic dance full of contrasts of the light and the heavy, the soft and the sharp, the small and the big. Learn to manipulate fundamental bellydance movements to create something new and refreshing. Of course, also learn that there is no new step and that it is all a derivative of a basic step.

Tribal Fusion Choreography to Naga
An exercise in using the basics, this choreography is full of movements from the ATS and fundamental bellydance vocabulary. Challenge yourself by focusing on the quality of your movement and letting your beauty shine.

Drum Solo Choreography to Khamsa W'khmesa
A very dynamic and fast paced choreography, this dance includes movements from the Jamila Salimpour Format and ATS. This piece includes a short floorwork section.

Choreography to Cleopatra in New York
A dreamy and sultry song, this choreography is appropriate for all levels and is beginner friendly. The dance uses fundamental bellydance moves to show that a beautiful dance can be made with just the basic movements. Optional challenges will be offered to more experienced dancers.

Concepts & Skills

Basics Breakdown
Hip circles, figure 8's, undulations... oh my! In this two hour workshop, we cover all of the important basic bellydance movements that every bellydancer should know!

Smooth Moves and Fast Grooves
How slow can you go? You will learn excruciatingly slow movements that can be used for lyrical pieces, taxims, and tribal fusion style belly dance. Then, turn up the beat for the second half of the workshop to experience fast movements for uptempo music.

Cultivating Musicality
Struggling with how to dance to a piece of music? This workshop will help you identify instruments, train your ear to analyze the music, and express your art. Concepts are useful when developing choreography or improvising. Handouts will be provided, but bring pen and paper for notes. This class is primarily lecture, but will include exercises to emphasize the concepts. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of dancers and dance styles.

Floor Patterns and Formations
This workshop covers floor patterns and formations for groups of two, three, four, five dancers and more. Floor patterns are an important part of the dance that we often don't think about. In a dance, floor patterns can be used to express the intent of the piece. We will also explore ways of changing up a dance when adding another dancer or when you are short a dancer.

Dynamic Improvisation
This workshop focuses on strategies for improvised dance. Participants will explore the power of stillness and engage in a practice of dynamic movement sequencing, spacing, phrasing, and shape shifting. This workshop is explorative and challenges the dancer to play between the extremes of slow and fast, small and big, sharp and smooth.

Group Work
Whether you are a dancer looking for fun ideas for improv, a group looking to do something out of the box, or a tribal fusion troupe seeking new inspiration, this workshop offers dancers a new way to choreograph and interact that are sure to get your creative juices going! Duets, trios, or more are welcome! Soloists need not worry, we will pair you up. A great way to meet and work with other dancers!

Breaking Habits : Arms, Hands, and Feet
As bellydancers, we train our hips to do the most challenging work and often forget about our arms, hands, and feet. As a result of drilling in place, we have a habit of dancing like we are drilling. This workshop aims to break those habits and encourage drilling in new ways that help us dance with our entire body.

We practice technique, train musicality, learn choreography, and perform it. But how do I make my dance interesting? In this workshop, we explore ways of examining our working choreographies and adding a little pizazz to our dance.

* The Basics Breakdown workshop can be added to any workshop or package.

Choreography and Groups
This workshop will be two parts. The first part will be learning a choreography from the list above. For the second part, we will learn about how to present the dance for groups of 2 or more dancers.

Choreography and Musicality
This workshop will be in two parts. The first part will be learning a choreography from the list above. For the second part, we will learn how to reflect the music with our movement choice. This is a great opportunity to take apart a song and a dance and make it your own.

Musicality and Dynamic Improvisation
Learn how to reflect the music; dance as if you are drawing the music with your movements. Then combine these concepts with improvised dancing. We will use difference dance exercises to improvise and reflect the music at the same time. These two concepts really go hand in hand.

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Workshops at Shimmy By the Sea in Corpus Christi, Texas. May 2012

Workshop at the BellyFusions Festival in Paris, France. January 2010

Workshops in Taipei, Taiwan. April 2008

Workshop in Auckland, New Zealand. October 2006

Past workshops:
  • 2017 Corpus Christi, Texas - workshop and show, Texas Coastal Bend Bellydance Association
  • 2016 Austin, Texas - workshop and show, Austin Belly Dance Convention
  • 2014 Austin, Texas - workshop and show, Austin Belly Dance Convention
  • 2013 Austin, Texas - workshop and show, TARAB by Amara and Amae
  • 2013 Fort Worth, Texas - workshop and show, 3rd Coast Tribal
  • 2012 Austin, Texas - workshop and show, Austin Belly Dance Convention
  • 2012 Corpus Christi, Texas - workshop and show, Shimmy By the Sea
  • 2011 Austin, Texas - workshop and show, Austin Belly Dance Convention
  • 2010 Austin, Texas - workshop and show, Austin Belly Dance Convention
  • 2010 Paris, France - workshop and show, BellyFusions
  • 2009 Austin, Texas - workshop and show, Desert Passion
  • 2009 London, UK - workshop and show sponsored by Firewater Collective
  • 2009 MEDANZ Festival in New Zealand - headliner (taught 7 workshops)
  • 2008 Taipei, Taiwan - 3 workshops sponsored by Violet Lee
  • 2007 Christchurch, New Zealand - 2 workshops and show sponsored by Pip
  • 2006 Auckland, New Zealand - 2 workshops and show sponsored by Angela
  • 2006 Tokyo, Japan - workshop sponsored by Mishaal